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IIS Issue – IisBrotli.dll

There is an issue that happened that all the IIS Service cannot be started in the server.

Below is the error:

The Module DLL C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\IisBrotli.dll failed to load.  The data is the error.

When I browse through the above path, the DLL is missing.

In order to solve this, please search the file IisBrotli.dll in the Dynamics 365 v9 Installation folder and paste to the mentioned folder, and restart IIS, then it will work.

RCA (might not correct):
I managed to uninstall the v9 On-Premise CRM from the server, but I guess there is some dependencies in the IIS which is not completely removed, either I didn’t stop the IIS service that caused the uninstall process skip the steps but delete the original file in the folder.


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